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    Compensation Design Principle
    Equity: Compensation system balances industry, areas and positions and combines these into consideration.
    Competitiveness: Compensation system is competitive in the same industry, which can attract and retain talents.
    Motivation: Compensation system is connected with performance appraisal to ensure strong motivation effect.

    Annual Salary Adjustment
    Salary will be adjusted according to individual performance, CPI and company profit so that employee's actual income will be gradually increased subject to company gains profit.

    Company will determine employee’s bonus on the basis of individual performance and the company’s business and profitability status.

    Competitive Benefits System
    ?Professional, perfect benefits policy is SECCO`s guarantee to employee and it is also effective measures to encourage employees for long-term service.
    ?Housing fund and Social insurance regulated by the government.(Endowment insurance, Unemployment insurance, Medical insurance, Work injury insurance and Maternity insurance.)
    ?SECCO offers Enterprise Annuity and Supplementary housing fund to the eligible employees.
    ?Other benefits: SECCO offers commercial Accident Supplementary medical insurance,and annual health check, etc.
    ?Vacations: Employees who pass probation period can take paid annual leave and other vacations regulated by government policies.
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