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          What‘s new

          Feature News

          BP CIO Visited SECCO2012-02-14

          Dana Deasy, BP Group CIO, with his party four visited SECCO. Paul Bowdler, Production Director, welcomed him on behalf of SECCO and made a brief introduction of SECCO. John Zhang, SECCO IT Manager briefed Dana about SECCO IT status.&nb...

          SECCO Paid Chinese Spring Festival Greetings to Donghai Village and Haiyu Village2012-01-17

          On behalf of SECCO, Admin Dept. HSSE&Q, PA visited SECCO’s good neighbor Donghai Village and Haiyu Village, the nearest village on the afternoon of Jan. 17, 2012. They paid visit to four poor families and gave them Chinese Spring Festival gree...

          SECCO 2012 PE/PP Customer Seminar Successfully Held2012-01-04

          “Shanghai SECCO 2012 PE/PP Customer Seminar” was held in Xiamen by PO Business Team on January 4-6 2012 with complete success. The objectives to strengthen communication with customers, listen to their suggestions and consolidate cooperation betwe...

          Shanghai SECCO PS Purchase Meeting for 20122011-12-08

          “Shanghai SECCO PS Purchase Meeting for 2012” was held by Commercial SM/PS Business Team in Beihai, Guangxi Province, on 8th Dec 2011. 20 distributors and colleagues from relevant SECCO departments were invited to this meeting. The meeting was ...

          SECCO granted its first national patent2011-12-05

          Recently SECCO has been granted its first invention patent ‘High Impact High Gloss Bimodal PS Material and Preparation Method’. It was developed independently by SECCO. This patent has been successfully applied to the development of product HIP...

          Held Open-day activity for community2011-12-03

          In the afternoon on Dec. 3, SECCO held the open-day activity and approximate 80 residents from Donghai village, Haiyu village and Zengfeng&...
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